I know I am not alone in thinking that I have contradictory thoughts and feelings. For example, while I do believe that friendships die of their own accord, because we lose common points with people or because we can't keep everyone in our lives, people will also hear me say that I simply cannot give… Continue reading

I always avoid going running. And I don't think it's because I don't like it, but because I feel self conscious about my body. It just now dawned on me, that most likely, everybody else who's out there running, either feels the same way as I do, or they just don't care about how my… Continue reading

I was right

When I told myself I just need to get through the day. That, and a very good cry. A very very long and full of snot kind of cry. So now I have puffy eyes and a headache. But somehow I feel better.

We get together again, as if this is another life. Not because it has been too long, but because it was just long enough for me to be someone else. I have of course, the same face, maybe just a bit rounder, and you look at me seeing the same little girl. You judge me… Continue reading

There are days when human interaction is exhausting. Even if the human in question is a person you really love. It could be that you don't like them anymore although bonds like blood and time still bind you tight. It is hard to find the balance, to not snap, to think of moments in the… Continue reading

Growing up, I felt like I was terribly unloved and that I was alone in this feeling. I think one of the most heartbreaking feelings is when you expect love from your parents and that love doesn't arrive ( how the love is actually there but we can't see it is a story for another… Continue reading

I will never get over you. Not completely. I will miss you forever. Miss all that could have been. I know I am just dreaming about the ideal. But that is what you are now. The ideal. Because you left too soon. To soon to share the love you had, to soon to let me… Continue reading