Nobody said it was easy

First off, it looked so fancy to start with a cliché and write “nobody said it was easy / no one ever said it would be this hard”.

In truth, right this moment, those lyrics don’t represent what I want to say. Easy or hard are just words, they don’t mean anything. I decide if I look at my life, point a finger and put events into the easy or the hard box. I could also just as well see them as events and what I benefited from them.

This is me using a lot of words to say: I decide. It is my responsibility. I can be afraid of it, I can cherish it, I can resent it, I can take it on and celebrate it, or I can deny it and wallow in self pity. All of these are perfect options. None of these are bad or wrong. In fact, I’ve done all of them and I will most likely continue to live in different versions of all of them.

What I want most of all is to be aware of when I live my life from guilt, shame, fear, when I live it from power, celebration, love and to always choose. I have the ability, I only need use it.

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