Are there relationships that can’t be saved?

That was the question I had in mind and for some reason I thought Google might have an answer. As I started to write the question, a thought popped up. The answer to the question in a way.

“Are there relationships that can’t be saved?” “Relationships change. ” came the answer. It was fleeting, and now it’s my job to fill in the gap. Relationships change, therefore I can still have a relationship with that estranged person in my life, it’s just not going to be what we conventionally call a relationship. My relationships with those people that are no longer physically in my life still exist in my mind and soul. I still talk to them, I tell them what hurts, they say something or maybe nothing, but I still get to have the connection. If their presence in my life is hurtful, I can still keep the relationship, just my part of it, the part that I am trying to heal and renew, the part that needs love and attention, my part – my responsibility.

I am not deluding myself thinking that this answer will suffice for good, for the rest of my life. No. I know that I will have to answer this question again and again, as I build new connections, as I say goodbye to others, as I love people and dislike people, as I walk on my path towards whatever it is I am supposed to do here. Yet this knowledge is enough for now.

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