Diary entries

You always have a choice

This is what I am learning yet again from Stoner by John Williams. We always have a choice but that doesn’t guarantee happiness or even contentment. Sometimes all the choices you have are ones that mean hardship, pain and struggle. I am reading Stoner by John Williams. It has been some time since I found myself really wanting to weep and revel in the sadness of a story, but this one has awoken this unapologetic grief in me, because it captures the oddity of life, the unfairness of it from other ages reflected in the modern-day. We always have a choice, but often, the choices we have are similar to those in a Would you rather… game.

I do not have a cheerful conclusion to this story, and I think it doesn’t even need one. As so often I tell it to myself and I hear it from my best friend ”It is what it is, and it couldn’t be any other way.”

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