I write my path and I’m always discovering the way it leads

When I sit down to write, I have an idea to start with, and end up with something different from what I had in mind. Or while I sit down to write the message lying in my heart, there’s a new one rising. This is a beautiful way of uncovering my soul. I get to peel the layers but also to build a universe I never knew was possible. It helps me heal, it helps me drain some wounds, I hope it helps me help others as well.

I am wondering sometimes if I am meant to do something with it, as it feels often that it is the universe pushing me to get the message out. At this point, I am not even a sure if more than a handful of people are reading these words, but I am in the habit of sharing my bits and pieces with friends.

Oddly enough, none of the things I started to write as an ending to this post seemed right. So I guess it doesn’t need an end. And perhaps that’s because I need to keep writing….

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