Learning forever

Why do we all pretend to be adults, to act adult-like when we are really just children? Children who have jobs and mend for themselves, who do laundry and clean the house, but children nonetheless.

When we are just born, we learn so many things so fast, and then our thoughts and brilliant minds are muddled by other people’s rules to the degree that we don’t listen to ourselves anymore. We stop listening and soon enough, we stop talking to ourselves. We obey rules laid by another, we believe words used by others to describe us, so what we are is really just clay figurines, hardened by time, modelled with loving hands in the begining of our consciousness.

We stumble, thankfully we can begin again, at least some of us choose to, we distrust thoughts we know are not our own, we discover uncover parts of us we knew were there, but were never sought before. Slowly, we trust in the voice we recognise as truly our own; and so we start learning again. As children. Learning forever.

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