It’s that time of the year

When people make new year resolutions. I am of course, working on mine. The plan is to have a long list of resolutions that I keep cutting down on, so that the ones I really truly desire stand out.

The point of this text here, is more of a reminder to myself. I want to always remember that 2018 was the year I loved more than I loved my entire life. I began with loving myself, with having kind words, lazy evenings reading, alone time and long talks with my best friend and continued by having better and fuller relationships with the few people I call friends and family. In many ways, it was the best year so far, as I came to understand that the best relationship I can cultivate is the one with myself. I also realized that I have accomplished much more than I thought I could, and paradoxically, I became aware of the potential left untouched. I guess it has to do with giving up the scarcity mentality I used to foster.

I am not being delusional, nor am I lying to myself, I have a long way to go still, but I can now do it with renewed force and hope. There is one clear goal for next year: push my boundaries and limits a bit further in order to learn more.

I feel like there should be a moral at the end of this text….

I guess the moral is that self love and self appreciation are not egoistical at all as long as you use them as tools to be happier, motivated and to make the world a better place in any way you can.

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