How I stop from comparing myself to others

Today I noticed myself doing something interesting, something that also makes me happy. I was in full process of putting myself down for not studying for my Dutch class. I am waaaaay more behind than I want to be. That did not motivate me lately, so today I proceeded in what started out to be a comparison with one of my colleagues in Dutch class. I was thinking that he has a much better level of Dutch, he speaks more Dutch, reads more Dutch, basically he Dutches much more than I do. While I was comparing jobs, timetables, ways of approaching Dutch and opportunities of using Dutch, I realized something: I was doing what to others I call “comparing apples with pears” meaning that I am trying to compare different people, with different lives in a way that doesn’t make any sense, is unnecessary and discouraging and somehow I am on the losing end. I am happy that I realised it’s much better for me if I don’t do it, and instead if I just imagine how good I’ll feel when I am going to start trying to catch up ☺️

The highlight of this is that I caught myself in the process of putting myself down and I actually put a good spin on things managing to encourage myself. I have done for me what I’d do for a friend and I am happy for that success. It doesn’t hurt to know for sure that my encouragement worked – which I can never know for sure with a friend because sadly, as people, we are prone to be deaf to encouragements and pep talks when we are resolute on being annoyed at ourselves.

I really want to end this on a positive note, so I’ll say just this: you are one of your best friends, if not THE BEST so please, be there for yourself; you’ll be happy to see how good that feels 🤗

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