We get together again, as if this is another life. Not because it has been too long, but because it was just long enough for me to be someone else. I have of course, the same face, maybe just a bit rounder, and you look at me seeing the same little girl. You judge me as if I am still her, but all the while as if I have changed for worse.

I on the other hand, look at you and see you smaller than you used to be, our minds farther apart than ever before. I judge because in my eyes you haven’t changed at all.

I do not know if I have changed too much or you, too little as I said, the only certainty I have is that we do not see each other the same way. My mind is muddled by memories, by senses, by feelings forgotten. I am trying to make sense of what I think and somehow coherence evades me. Perhaps it will come when time has passed…

In the meantime I pray for patience

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