is, regrettably, one of the most powerful motivators. There are others, of course. But guilt is one that makes us squirm, ashamed of ourselves or even someone else’s behaviour, the one that makes us shy away from our own recollections, that makes us want to have the power to alter thoughts, images, past actions.

The ugliest part of guilt is that it can be induced. It can be taught, they can make you believe you are guilty, even if you’ve done no wrong, especially as a sensitive person. They can instil it so deeply, that it becomes part of your being. You adopt it and then you hurt because of things that were never your own, just induced through repetition and careful manipulation.

This all does sound like an ugly conspiration theory, and maybe it is. The sad truth, guilt is passed down, generation by generation, parent to child, grandparent to grandchild. It is hard to escape it, and I admit I believe that in some situations I find it somewhat useful. However, I sometimes wonder if we wouldn’t have been better off not knowing it. Just being taught through love and compassion the right way to act, instead of planting this putrid seed that settles itself so easily into our minds and takes all the place it possibly can, rendering us a little bit more powerless for knowing it.

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