Instinctively, words know how to find your heart and touch it. Not because they know your heart, but because your heart recognises the words.  It knows their song, their pain and sorrow, their love and sweetnes, their healing touch. Your heart reads words, listens to feeling on paper, because it feels accepted.  They blend all… Continue reading words



If you would have let me, I would have given my soul to you I would have taught you how to keep the light between us bright, so bright it would have lightly lightened the slight dark moments of your life If you'd have let me, I would have eaten all of my breakfasts with… Continue reading If



is, regrettably, one of the most powerful motivators. There are others, of course. But guilt is one that makes us squirm, ashamed of ourselves or even someone else's behaviour, the one that makes us shy away from our own recollections, that makes us want to have the power to alter thoughts, images, past actions. The… Continue reading guilt