are we? is it? how?

I hear people around me (maybe myself included, sadly) pointing out the obvious about other people’s bodies. They’re overweight, underweight, they eat too much, or too little. You can count their bones they’re so skinny. They’d squish you they’re so fat.

And I wonder, are we really that narrow minded that we cannot hear the words a person’s saying, and we can only see their body?

Are we really that blind to the beauty lying in their deeds?

Are we so deaf we can’t hear their voice genuinely asking if we’re okay? Do we not hear the true concern for us when we don’t seem happy?

Is it really so easy to judge peope just based on the number they weigh on a scale?

Is it that simple to disregard every single bit of humanity the person has, only to concentrate on the fact that they have rolls around their belly?

Is it really neccessary to also share with others our view on x’s body, just because it does not fit in our beauty standard?

How do we put it all aside at the end of the day?

How can we be okay with who we are, knowing we judge so harshly based on form, not taking into consideration the content?

How can we pat ouselves on the shoulder thinking “I am so glad I am not like that” when what we are really is just another spec of nothingness in the soil of the world, an angry, bitter, judgy spec, that only speaks because it doesn’t  have anything else to do with its time.


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