please – I will

hold me in your arms like all the the love is about to end and you have to capture just this one piece, as if the memory of this moment will have to last for all eternity. I am only asking you to give what I would give. I know I am unjust, because you have your limitations, because your heart is sore and afraid, but mine is so valiant, so free and so ready to spread love that it could teach yours how to let go of fear and embrace love.


caress me, even when I have hurt you, because that is when I need it the most. I am not hurting you because I am vile, but because I need to know that you’ll love me even when I am at my worst.


wipe my tears when I am inconsolable. Just sit near me, let me grab your hand when I feel like I am drowning, let your hand be what I am swimming towards, not because it will save me from my own, but because I love its familiar lines so much that my heart fills itself with so much love that it floats, it draws me towards you, away from the black waters of my thoughts.

In turn,

I will

love you so completely that you will be touched. Hold you so tight, mold myself into you so perfectly that you will not want to know how it is without me again.

I will

offer you my love so heartily you’ll know you’re never alone when you have me. You’ll see that you never really knew how completely I can pour myself into your being, and how easy it is to accept it and grow fond of it.

I will

give you all the space you need and still appear right by your side when your longing eyes say their sweet song towards me.

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