thank you!

When do you know they love you?

When they are as happy as you are for your accomplishments. When you can see the same light in their eye you feel you have in yours. As you are telling them about your success, they keep smiling, ask you questions, they make sure you know they’re happy for you. They ask to see, they compliment, offer constructive criticism and hug you in delight.

When you start learning another language, they offer start speaking it with you or ask you to teach them what you know already to help cement the knowledge, they praise your courage and they hug you.

This is what friends, girlfriends, boyfriends and partners do when you have something new and exciting in your life. They let you blabber (and they want you to) and express the happiness that just cannot be contained in the 156-cm body you have.

And for that, I thank you friends! Thank you for being happy with me!

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