How do you manage to look inside someone’s soul to see what they are really feeling?

What do you do when everything you thought to be true about them, proves to be wrong? How do you react and what do you feel when you defend them with your every word? When you’ve been standing up for a phantasm? How do you act around the person who you thought to be intangible and infallible, and they have erred even before you knew what the meaning of a faux pas was?

How do you go about accepting that grinding and so simply stupid question? That Why?  ringing in your ears, that deafening and all freezing silence stopping any other thought.

And why can’t you just figure yourself out? Why don’t you know what you want, what you feel, what you believe in? How much time will you spend on trying to find out? And after you do find out, what next?

And what is more, when you answer that final question, how do you find the will to do whatever you are meant to do?

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